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A large selection of spray and foam dispensers are available, from wall-mounted to portable. Wash, degrease, rinse, and sanitize can easily be accomplished from a single system. Water driven single control knob and ball valve actuated systems in both stainless steel and molded plastic covers are available. Many systems have unique features designed to simplify the job or increase reliability and durability. DEMA offers many compressed air foamers including wall mounted, cart mounted and drop stations. And DEMA’s MixRite Water Driven Pump can be used as a water driven or compressed air foamer for superior foam capability.


294 Compressed Air Foamers

The 294 models mix chemical solution with water and air to produce a dry, thick, clinging foam to any vertical or horizontal surface for cleaning large areas and areas that require a foam to penetrate for better cleaning results. The foam consistency is changed easily by adjusting either the air or water pressure. Units require an air compressor and at least 40 psi water pressure to produce quality foam.

  • The 294 is made with a PVC body to prevent hard water buildup and chemical attack and to help produce consistent, long-term cleaning results.
  • The 294D is the basic unit with a PVC Compressed air foamer body with air inlet port, air adjustment gauge, water inlet connection and tubing for chemical supply and metering tips.
  • The 294DC is the premium unit with a stainless steel cover that protects the unit and provides product and use label area. The 294DC also has 2 on/off ball valves for control of water and air to allow superior control of foam quality.

Foam Station 1 & 2 Compressed Air Foamers

Foam Station Dispensers are wall mounted or cart mounted compressed air foaming systems that use a PVC foamer body, an air pressure gauge with control and 2 on/off ball valves to control water and air flow. The unit is housed in an impact resistant plastic cover with large label area for product and use identification. Applications for these units include all food processing and food service areas, industrial plants, school shower areas, and other areas that require foaming chemicals to help clean. Units require an air compressor and at least 40 psi water pressure to produce quality foam.

  • Model 692T has 2 ball valves to provide one foaming chemical and clear rinse from this wall or cart mounted unit.
  • Model 693T has 3 ball valves to provide one foaming chemical, clear rinse, and a sanitizer (or other chemical product) spray.

Foaming Products Catalog

900-WALL Instruction Sheet

900-DS4 Instruction Sheet

900-WALL & 900-DS4 Wall & Doorway Compressed Air Foamers

The 900-WALL operates with a pre-mix solution of foaming chemical and water. The unit produces 30 gallons of foam per minute and covers 5-10 cubic feet per minute at 40-80 PSI with up to 25 feet of foam distance.

The 900-DS4 Doorway sanitizer operates with chemical concentrate and water. This foaming system allows the control box to be mounted up to 150 feet away from the spray tip assembly. The foam enhancing nozzle is constructed of Stainless Steel and produces large amounts of foam. This allows for shorter run times and a larger foam coverage area. The 900-DS4 can operate up to three nozzle assemblies simultaneously.


Foaming Products Catalog

900 Series Mobile Compressed Air Foamers

925 Mobile Foamer The 925 is a 25 gallon portable foamer that offers innovative features and ergonomics for industrial and institutional foam cleaning. This unit’s four wheel design allows for a wide range of mobility and the convenient drain feature allows for easy emptying. 910 Portable Foamer The 910 offers an innovative 10 gallon tank design that allows for easy storage and institutional foam cleaning. The non-pressurized tank promotes safety and consistent foam time after time.



Instruction sheet

Rapid Fire Wall Mounted Spray & Foam Dispenser

Rapid Fire uses a single control knob to select 1-2 products, rinse and off functions eliminating the potential for mixing chemicals and ensuring n accurate sanitizing. Rapid Fire’s unique activation insures 100% ON/OFF eliminating inaccurate dilutions from low water and chemical flow and ensures full flow for optimal cleaning and rinsing.


Model No.
Number of Chemcials
Kit Includes
Dispenser and Chemical pick-up tube only
Dispenser and Chemical Pick-up tube only
Same as 6300 plus stainless steel hose hanger w/strain relief
Same as 6300 plus hose rack, 25′ red outlet hose, 6′ inlet hose, ball valve spray gun/foam wand
Same as 6300 plus hose rack, 25′ red outlet hose, 6′ inlet hose, pistol valve spray gun/foam wand
Same as 6300-2 plus 44-89 constant pressure back flow preventer
Same as 6300-3 plus 44-89 constant pressure back flow preventer

Spray Station Wall Mounted Spray & Foam Dispenser

605T Spray Station I And 606T-2 Spray Station II
DEMA’s Spray Station I and II are wall mounted ball-valve-actuated 1 and 2 chemical and rinse systems. The 606T is for 2 chemicals and rinse and the 605T is for 1 chemical and rinse. The units feature easy-to-turn large handles for each product and rinse functions. The unit features an attractive impact-.,resistant ABS cover with large label area for easy product identification.

  • Designed for greater durability, reliability and easier serviceability
  • Stainless steel manifold system with O-ring seals for easy removability and service
  • Polypropylene injectors for chemical and hard water resistance
  • Metering tips included for proper chemical dilution



DEMA’s automatic dispensing and proportioning systems are supplemented by a deep line of parts and accessories built to precise manufacturing tolerances, assuring "perfect-fit" every time.

44-3RG 25 feet (8 m) red hose
44-3N-25 25 feet (8 m) clear nylon braided hose
44-3-6 6 feet (2 m) black hose
44-3N-6 6 feet (2 ms) clear nylon braided hose
40-14QD/292QD Ball valve activated spray gun with quick connect foam wand
28-1QD Lever controlled spray gun with quick connect nozzle
292GQD Quick connect foam wand
44-89-112 ASSE 1012 approved constant pressure backflow preventer
44-111-1560 Brass nozzle with quick connect groove
44-111-1560SS Stainless steel nozzle with quick connect groove
44-6 Stainless steel hose hanger


289 & 900-2PU Portable Foamers

Model 289
Pro Foam hose end foamer and sprayer attaches to the end of any garden hose and produces a foam when the aerating wand is attached and sprays when the wand is removed. Quick disconnect allows spray gun to be easily removed from dispenser for clear water rinse. Ideal applications include supermarkets, food service areas, and shower rooms where portability is required. Unit includes a 32 ounce bottle and spray gun with quick disconnect fittings.

900 Pump Up Foaming Dispenser
The 900-2PU pump-up foamer technology provides spot cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional markets. Patented dual tube technology draws the chemical and air from the tank into separate tubes creating thick foam when mixed at the trigger operated foam wand. Flow in the air tube is controlled by a needle valve giving an operator the ability to control foam consistency.


Mobile Cleaning Cart

Mobile Spray Cart

DEMA’s mobile cart system puts everything needed for cleaning, sanitizing and foaming on two wheels. The unit is available with a wide selection of DEMA spray, foam and proportioning dispensers and is designed to provide a holding platform for chemicals and hangers for hoses. Ideal for use in shower rooms, large kitchens, food processing plants, store food preparation, storage areas and anywhere that permanent installations are impractical.


Model No.
500 Series Systems
Spray & Foam
Available Models in Food and Beverage Catagory
Spray Clean 2 Products plus Rinse 3 Ball Valve actuated unit
Rapid Fire 2 Products plus Rinse Dial actuated unit
Foam Station 1 Product plus Rinse 2 Ball Valve actuated unit
Foam Station 2 Products plus Rinse 3 Ball Valve actuated unit

MixRite Training Presentation


500 Series Wall & Cart Mount Spray & Foam Systems

All 500 series MixRites are available in a wall mount spray or cart mount spray & foam system and are designed for water flow to 11 gpm (41 L / min.) and a wide array of chemical and other additives (see 500 Series Pump page). MixRite compressed air foam systems allow any length of hose installed on the outlet of the dispenser. The hose length or foam nozzle have no effect on the foam quality making the MixRite ideal for foaming applications using long runs of hose or pipe.

Wall Mounted Spray & Foam Systems come complete with an ON/OFF water valve, 25’ discharge hose, foam wand or spray gun and foam chamber if applicable.

Cart Mounted Spray & Foam Systems come complete with the same components plus mounted on a rugged pneumatic 2-wheeled cart which can hold a 5 gallon plus container and 250 lbs.


Model No.
Induction Rates
Wall Mount Description
.3 to 2%
Spray Dispenser
.4% to 4%
Spray Dispenser with Rinse
.4% to 4%
Compressed Air Foam Dispenser
.4% to 4%
Compressed Air Foam Dispenser with Chemcial By-Pass
Model No.
Induction Rates
Cart Mount Description
.3% to 2%
Spray Dispenser
.4% to 4%
Spray Dispenser with Rinse
.4% to 4%
Compressed Air Foam Dispenser
.4% to 4%
Compressed Air Foam Dispenser with Chemcial By-Pass

Foam Brochure

500 Series Foam Station 3 Drop Station

Foam Station III is a drop station designed to work with the 500 series MixRite pumps. Place the Foam Station III wherever you need foam cleaning and supply it with compressed air and diluted chemical from any .4-4% 500 series MixRite.