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Extreme 4 is the premier 4 product locking enclosure, designed for ultimate dilution flexibility and accuracy while providing security and cost control under a lock and key. Designed to be as close to a turn-key solution as they come, all you have to do is determine the metering tips you require, install them and you’re ready to go. Extreme 4 is designed around two primary features:

  • One dial that controls four products at up to 8 dilutions ranging anywhere from 1:4 to 1:1024 while maintaining dilution accuracy at all 8 ports, providing you with more dilution options than any other single control knob system on the market
  • Turn-key 6 point locking system for the ultimate protection for the cost conscious. Neither the chemical containers or the control panel can be accessed without the unit being unlocked first

Flexibility is a standard with Extreme 4. For bucket filling, you can choose our traditional push-button or gas pump styled remote fill activation units. In proportioning, we offer units that have 1 and 4GPM (4 and 15LPM) or 2.5 and 2.5GPM (9 and 9LPM) proportioners on the bottle and bucket fill stations, respectively.


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