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DEMA’s solid product laundry systems simplify your laundry system, improve worker safety and decrease your environmental impact. Solid product can be up to 3 times more concentrated than standard liquid products, are easy to load, carry and store and are designed to help dissolve and transport product easily and efficiently.


581KS Solid Product Laundry Systems

SUDS Jr. is a machine-triggered dispensing system designed to easily and economically dispense solid laundry products. Programming is done with a removable 2 button programmer to avoid end user tampering. Color LED’s indicate which function is running (delay, run time and lock out) and which function is being programmed with the 2 button programmer.

Three Versions Of SUDS Jr. Are Available With The Following Features:

  • 581KS-1W – Base unit includes electronics n a splash resistant ABS enclosure, solenoid and solid bowl.
  • 581KIS-1W – Same AS KS plus an injector mounted that mixes the diluted product from the bowl with water and delivers it up to 50 feet (15 meters) away from the dispenser.
  • 581KISV-1W Same as KIS plus voltage sensor to receive trigger signals.

5800V-KS1W SuperBowl Electronic Bowl Dispenser

The SuperBowl is a battery operated solid / powder chemical dispensing for pot and pan, silver soak, or laundry applications. The circuit board has programmable run time of 1 second to 10 minutes, built in 2, 5, and 10 minute lockouts (or no lockout) and a mid-cycle shut off. Can be operated manually or automatically from a machine signal. Also available with a plug in adaptor, model #5800V.KS2.