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DEMA offers a number of laundry hand-held and wall mounted remotes for programming, reporting and formula selection. DEMA’S 844P Atlas and 846E Laundry Master require an EDSM II for programming while the Data Grip and USM are optional accessories for reporting or formula selection.


EDSM 2 Training Presentation

Instruction Sheet

84-65-38 Enhanced Digital Select Module EDSM 2 Remote

The EDSM II is a hand-held remote used to program the Atlas and 846E dispensers and can also be used as an end user formula select. It can store up to 30 formulas and be used to program any number of Atlas or 846E dispensers. The EDSM to can be customized with formula names, has multi-language programming and is password protected.


Training Presentation


Instruction sheet

Data Grip Report Viewing

84-65-39 DG Data Grip Data Collection & Reporting Module

Data Grip is a hand-held data collection system designed for use with the Atlas and 846E. Data Grip’s portable design is ideal for periodic monitoring, audits and troubleshooting problem accounts and can be used as the primary formula selector in place EDSM or USM.

  • Multi-language display and reports – English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Calculates product usage, product cost and formula costs in fluid ounces gallons and pounds or milliliters liters and kilograms
  • Three different time period reports available – Date to Date, Billing Date and Billing Cycle
  • Concise printable reports downloaded via USB port & USB device

Instruction Sheet

84-65-31 Universal Select Module (USM) End User Formula Selector

The USM remote is an optional formula selector for Atlas and all LaundryMaster dispensers. The USM provides a convenient easy to understand formula selector.



Instruction Sheet

Low Level Alarm Sensor Kits

84-65-48 Stand Alone Low Level Alarm

  • Base unit can be used with up to 8 chemicals, can be mounted as a stand alone unit or connected to the Atlas Laundry Dispenser
  • Base unit plugs into standard wall outlet or powers off Atlas control board
  • Alarm sensor can be mounted anywhere in the chemical in take line and wires to alarm base unit or directly to DEMA’s Titan or Nitro warewash dispensers
  • Sensor has green and red LED for easy out-of-product ID in remote chemical storage areas


Model No.
Stand Alone Base Unit
Base unit up to 8 chemicals. Need to add 1 sensor for every chemical
Atlas Base Unit
Base unit for up to 8 chemicals for the Atlas Laundry System. Need to add 1 sensor for each chemcial
Alarm Sensor
Sensor with 3/8″ barb for Titan(II), Titan Express(II), Nitro and base units above
Alarm Sensor
Sensor with 3/8″ JG for Titan(II), Titan Express(II), Nitro and base units above
Alarm Sensor
Sensor with 1/4″ JG for Titan(II), Titan Express(II), Nitro and base units above