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Raytech offers a full line of proven quality built fluid control devices and components used in a wide variety of OEM equipment and systems. Raytech has solenoid valves, float valves, strainers, pumps and injectors to handle different fluid types, pressures and applications. Raytech work with DEMA’s products, who have 70+ years of machining and casting fluid control devices is the backbone of our business and built our reputation in the carwash and other equipment, manufacturing and process engineering markets. Superior quality is maintained with strict control methods in all phases of production. Detailed testing is done during all phases of production followed by 100% testing for such things as overall body and seat tightness, electrical characteristics, and operation. All DEMA valves and devices are manufactured in our ISO certified Missouri plants and many are listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. DEMA’s engineering staff has developed many components and devices for special applications not shown on this site. Contact DEMA today for more information on how we can support your equipment development.



  • Normally closed solenoid valves open when the electrical coil is energized. They are ideal for water, air, light oil, noncorrosive and non-explosive liquids. DEMA offers a number of different closed
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  • Normally open solenoid valve closes when the coil is energized. They are ideal for water, air, light oil, noncorrosive and non-explosive liquids. DEMA offers mini diaphragm, diaphragm and high pressure
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  • DEMA Y-type line strainers are the simple yet critical component for use in waterlines ahead of solenoid valves, chemical injectors, spray nozzles, or many other types of equipment. The Y-type
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  • Float valves automatically maintain a desired level of proportioned mixture in any drum, tank or other type of reservoir. DEMA uses magnetically activated “snap acting” float valves that provide full
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  • DEMA has the ideal inline chemical injector to inject fluids or air into lines conveying water and other liquid under pressure. Injectors have no moving parts, nothing to wear out
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  • MixRite Water Driven Injectors are water powered proportioning pumps that require no electricity and deliver accurate dispensing across varying water pressure and water flow and are ideally suited for in-line
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