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Raytech sanitary services has the systems for almost any kitchen food service need, application and kitchen size. From dishwashing, sinks, drains and spray cleaning, Raytech has multiple systems for different volume, with different features and at different price points to handle virtually any need. We uses precision electronic peristaltic pumps with unique patented features, industry-leading solid bowls, and is the industry standard for water connections, proportioners and spray clean applications. For any need in the kitchen or food service environment, Raytech has a system to fit your needs.



  • DEMA has a warewash dispenser for almost any application, dish machine or kitchen size. From small basic units for simple applications to large units with patented features, DEMA has you
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  • DEMA’s drain and odor control systems have a proven track record second to none. Built using the proven Viking drain systems or Olympian pump platform, these systems deliver exceptional reliability,
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  • DEMA sink dispensers are designed for durability, reliability and easy maintenance. DEMA offers single and dual product ball valve activated dispensers and a wide selection of faucet mounted proportioners all
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  • DEMA’s solid product bowls dispense solid or encapsulated powders into dish machines, sinks, laundry machines, or any other open reservoir. DEMA uses the industry-leading VIKING bowl for all applications because
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  • A large selection of spray and foam dispensers is available, from wall-mounted to portable. Wash, degrease, rinse, and sanitize can easily be accomplished from a single system. Water driven single
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  • DEMA’s kitchen/food service systems are supported with a broad line of parts and accessories built to precise manufacturing tolerances, assuring a “perfect fit” every time and delivering superior durability to
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  • ENGINEERED WATER HEATERS SINCE 1920 Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of water heaters used in a variety of applications including the Commercial, Industrial, FoodService, Offshore/Marine and Residential markets. With a
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